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Internal Medicine


At Acevets, we aim to enhance your beloved pets' longevity and quality of life by delivering precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Our team is dedicated to the intricate aspects of internal medicine, ensuring that every patient receives individualised care based on their specific medical needs. We are devoted to ensuring your pets' health, well-being, and quality of life through our multidisciplinary approach and commitment to medical excellence.

🌿 Our Services Include:
Comprehensive Internal Medicine Consultations
Diagnostic Evaluations
Specialised Therapeutic Management
Continuous Health Monitoring and Management

🔬 Areas of Expertise:
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Pulmonary and Respiratory Conditions
Hepatic and Renal Pathologies
Endocrinological Imbalances
Infectious Diseases
Hematological Conditions (Blood Disorders)
Cardiological Issues (Heart and Vascular System)
Neurological Disorders
Oncological Conditions (Cancer)
Immunological Disorders
Dermatological Conditions (Skin)
Musculoskeletal Issues
Ophthalmological Conditions (Eyes)
Metabolic Disorders

📞 Contacting Acevets:
For clinical inquiries, consultations, or further information on our internal medicine services, reach out through:
Phone: 01708 579433

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