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CT Scan (via Referral)

At Acevets, we maintain open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals with our referral partners, providing seamless and coordinated care for your pets. We work together to interpret findings, discuss optimal treatment strategies, and ensure the well-being and comfort of your beloved pets at every step.

Our Referral Services Include:

  • Thorough Pre-Referral Consultations

  • Seamless Coordination with the Referred Hospital

  • Post-Scan Follow-ups and Treatments

  • Advice on Further Care and Management

  • Regular Updates on Your Pet's Condition

 Referral Specialisations:

  • Diagnostic CT imaging is used for diverse conditions, including thoracic, abdominal, musculoskeletal, and neurological issues.

  • Precision in Cancer Staging and Pre-Surgical Planning

📞 Contact Us Today:

To learn more about our referral process for CT scan services or to schedule a consultation, please visit or contact us directly by phoning 01708 579433 or emailing us at

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