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Skin mass removal

Skin mass removal


Diaphragmatic hernia:
The diaphragm is a muscolo-tendineus membrane which separates the thorax from the abdomen. This could lacerate following a trauma like a road traffic accident. Clinical signs will vary according to the extend of the laceration and the organs herniated, pathological effects could include changes on the card-respiratory dynamic or effects on the herniated organs themselves.
The diagnosis is made on the base of the clinical signs and confirmed through the use of X-rays. Surgical repair is performed as soon as the patient is stable enough to undergo a general anaesthetic. Studies have reported that repair within the first 24 hours from the trauma and after 1 to 3 weeks have similar survival time. However this greatly decrease in patient receiving surgical repair after 1 year or more from the trauma.

Abdominal wall reconstruction and Abdominal Hernia

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