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Vet Holding Cat


A consult exam allows the vet to examine your pet whenever they are ill or injured to diagnose the issue and prepare a treatment plan. Our experienced vets can deal with anything from vomiting and diarrhoea to a limping pet, cut paw, or other concerning signs such as lethargy or laboured breathing.
Our vet will examine your pet during a sick patient exam and discuss its history with you. Depending on the issue, they may recommend additional testing to confirm the diagnosis, such as bloodwork, faecal testing, urinalysis, x-rays or ultrasounds, amongst other things.
Once the problem has been diagnosed, we’ll recommend a treatment plan for your pet to get them back to full health as quickly as possible, and if relevant, recommend steps to avoid the issue occurring again.

Before proceeding with tests or treatment, we’ll always discuss your options and any costs. We will provide thorough discharge notes after your exam as a reminder of everything you spoke about, plus details on your pet’s treatment plan.

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